Moving companies in Coffeen, IL

Whatever your schedule, or the size of your move, Sim's Moving Company, Inc. is flexible enough to accommodate your needs.

We provide affordable services for every aspect of household moves, office moves, and even specialty item moves, including:


Short Haul

If you are moving a distance shorter than 35 air miles, your move is a Short Haul. Short Haul moves are estimated and charged per hour. The rate per hour is determined by the number of men and trucks providing service on your move. Call us for a consultation and a FREE estimate: (217) 534-6058.

Long Haul

If you are moving a distance of 35 air miles or more, your move is a Long Haul. Long Haul moves are estimated and charged per 100 pounds. The rate per 100 pounds is determined by a combination of the weight of your shipment and the distance it is being transported. Call us for a consultation and a FREE estimate: (217) 534-6058

Packing & Unpacking

We offer both packing and unpacking services to make your move even easier. All of our professional packers are trained through the AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association) to ensure your items are packed safely and efficiently. We carry a wide range of box types in our inventory, as well as packing materials that fit your packing needs, including:

Boxes & Packing Materials


  • Small (Less than 3 cubic feet)
  • Medium (3 cubic feet)
  • Large (4.5 cubic feet)
  • Extra Large (6 cubic feet)
  • Wardrobe
  • Plate Pack
  • Stemware Pack
  • Small Glassware Pack
  • Lamp Box
  • Medium Picture/Mirror Pack
  • Large Picture/Mirror Pack 

Packing Materials

  • Newsprint per lb.
  • Foam per ft.
  • Bubble wrap per ft.
  • Tape per roll
  • Shrink Wrap (Small) roll
  • Shrink Wrap (Large) roll

All of our packers and movers are trained through the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA).

We are fully licensed and insured (license number: ILCC#151776).

We are a proud member of the Illinois Movers' and Warehousemen's Association (IMAWA).

Be aware that the following items cannot be transported by your mover:

Propane tanks or cans
Gas or oils
Fire Extinguishers
Welding gas
House Paints
Open Alcohol containers
Disinfectant cleaners
Open containers of liquid
Perishable foods
Items with excessive odor
Open, non-sealed food containers

Tips for Moving Day

Remove all items from inside of furniture to be moved (dresser drawers, file cabinet drawers, etc.). Leaving items inside of furniture is dangerous because it makes the furniture heavier and harder to move safely and will cause damage when it jostles around inside.

Label all of your boxes according to the contents inside and which room they will be going into at your new place

Space out your contractor scheduling. Cable, phone and internet installers whose appointments overlap with your movers can result in the crews getting in each other’s way and costing you more money.

Decide beforehand where you want each of your furniture pieces to be placed in your new dwelling.

Plan to be present on moving day. Your moving crew will need to consult with you on a number of things (furniture placement, pre-existing damage found, etc.) both at your old place and your new place throughout the day. 

If you will be packing yourself:

Box up all non-furniture items. Properly close and tape up boxes.  Adequately wrap each item that you place inside of the box. Glass and other fragile materials need extra padding to be safely transported. Only pack boxes to their capacity. Bulging and open boxes are at risk for damage.